Jarrah hardwood window

Finished Product, Work in progress

We are doing a rather large supply job for a hotel in a country town.

They have specified all kapur windows, doorframes and doors.

Here is the first assembled frame – it has a lovely red hue.  It weighs, even unglazed, a huge amount and is so hard a timber, you need to pre-drill before using nails for beading etc.

Jarrah window frame

Jarrah window frame

2 thoughts on “Jarrah hardwood window

  1. I would really like to install a timber window frame. I find that they make the home look nice, along with creating a traditional look. My wife and I just don’t build our home like every other home. I think it would make our home more unique if we were to add in some timber windows. The picture you shared of this timber frame looks great, what part of the home is this going into?

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