Arched meranti double doors

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We were sent to McLaren Vale for this job. Insurance. A flash flood had swept down the cellar and destroyed the existing doors. We made new ones, and new doorframe jambs. Installed using the existing arched doorframe head, and a few tweaks on the curves on the doors we had made at our factory.

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Converting fixed window to awning

Finished Product, Work in progress

A client wanted ventilation in their bathroom, so we removed their existing fixed pane window and installed a new awning window instead. Now they can have a hot shower and get rid of the steam.

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Colonial bars

Finished Product, Work in progress

We are making a series of cedar frames with colonial bars. They will be sent off and some of the frames will be assembled on site to make a bay window (about an hour south of Adelaide). I am also trying out a new glass cleaning product which I must say is fantastic.

Window to Sliding door conversion.

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We headed out an hours drive from Adelaide for this job. We removed 4 sections of a window frame (1 awning and 3 fixed panels).

added cowdroy top hung track systems on the inside and outside of the frame. Prior to coming out we had made a pair of doors and a pair of flydoors (in meranti to match).

added flydoors to external track and glass doors to internal tracking. Added rubber seals around doorstop of the glass doors for good weathersealing. Glass doors were double glazed.

this is the original window frame we were working on.
inside view of the original window (1 of the new meranti door panes is sitting against the window).

2022 Break up day!

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Today is the last day for the year at the window man 2022. We are taking a few weeks off with all staff back on deck next year on 23rd jan.

This year has been a difficult one with supply chains, ever upward costs in materials, difficulty in sourcing good timbers, changes to aluminium extrustion suppliers with our domestic windows and just covid randomly playing havoc. Despite all of the head winds we have had another successful year and look forward to both the break and the return for next year.

If you need anything quoted – please email it to us, George and I are still around and will receive your emails. Calling the factory probably wont get a response unless one of us happens to be in the office.

We wish all our customers and suppliers a happy and safe break.

peter – production manager – son of the boss

Decorative Sky light

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We just finished a custom skylite panel which was loaded up for delivery- not 15minutes ago.

1525 x 2875 stop schampfers, timber beaded, solid western red cedar – as per a design given to us by the builder. They plan on having custom leadlight fitted and I should imagine will look very impressive in the ceiling of a home.