Clear anodise commercial windows and doors

Finished Product

We recently came back to a job to do some finishing touches, here are some photos;

All clear/natural anodise commercial framing. The doorframe has 2 doors, one panel smaller than the other. With invisiguard security screens.  The bifold window is using CENTOR hardware and is top hung to allow for a marble servery to be used.  The doors, bifold and louvre blades are also glazed with LOW-E comfort plus glass to keep heat out.  The place looks great.


Interrogation Glass / Observa Mirror

Finished Product

Those crime shows always have an interrogation room where the detectives can watch the interview with the criminal, without being seen.

That glass is called OBSERVA mirror, and works best with a light/dark ration of at least 5:1.

We made a little one for a client; remember it will work best when the inside room is very dark.

inside and out