running out of space

Finished Product, Work in progress

Every year it, work becomes crazy busy as orders increase, and time runs out.  here is a photo I’ve taken this morning giving an idea how little room we have to move at the moment in the factory.


Timber bi-folds and french door installation

Finished Product

We made 2 bifolds, and 2 doorframes with doubledoors (french doors) for this job at west lakes. the original windows were removed, and some required wall cuts too.

Client will render to the outside of our frames.

original timber windows.




If you need the supply and installation of windows and doors, give us a call or email and we are more than happy to quote.



Arched Doorframe with colonial bars

Finished Product

We have just finished this beautiful doorframe.

It has an arched head, awning (wind out) sashes in the side lites with colonial bars.

Double doors, rebated with colonial bars.   Hardwood sill.

Inside view of a cedar doorframe.

Inside view of a cedar doorframe.

Outside view of cedar doorframe

Outside view of cedar doorframe