A few more photos

Finished Product, Work in progress

Im not in the office much lately – too many installs where im needed to give a hand. So here are just a few more photos of some of the things going on around now

Original and new timber flyscreen

Cedar casement windows ready for transport

a small selection of our frames in the factory today. an arch, a sliding door, some doorframes with sidelites etc.

Random bits n pieces

Work in progress

I’ve been pretty slack posting new bits n pieces up.

too much to do!

new window made basedon old broken one. quite ugly but who are we to decide. it also has pink glass for it.

double glazed cedar lift up windows.

cedar sliding door

sash rails being prepared for assembly. all those round bits on the end become the sash horns. photo’d in black and white for a change

Meranti Timber window + and other odd jobs

Finished Product

Installed this window yesterday, very pleased as we managed to remove the old glass panes from the old sashes, and re-use them in the new window.

meranti window.

The day before we did this – a cedar sliding door and window. up in a horse farm. the view was lovely.


Cedar sliding window and door.

and earler on in the week we finished off some vent locks and 1 window for a job we had done a few months prior


brown aluminium single hung windows with timber surrounds.

Primrose aluminium sliding patio door with flydoor

Finished Product

Nothing fancy, but a very common type of sliding door we make;

this one is 2100 high x 1800 wide (pretty standard sizing). Clear laminate glass and a flydoor.  Assembled and tested in our steel jig to ensure squareness and smooth operation.

Patio / Sliding door

Patio / Sliding door

Probably the most common sliding door we make.

Arched commercial aluminium window and sliding door

Finished Product

This job was very technical and potentially dangerous.

2nd floor timber window which was floor to ceiling height was rotten.


Original Window. Rotten frames with 4mm float glass which is incredibly unsafe for the location and size of the glass panels. Not sure when it was made, but very illegal by today’s standards.


New clear anodise commercial frame with 6.38 clear comfort plus glass. Arched commercial frame with sliding door. The timber facade was for the owner to replace with a new metal flashing.


Inside view of the new window / door combination. The balcony is now usable whereas before as just a window it was merely decoration. Glazed with clear comfort plus Low-E glass.


We had to erect scaffolding on the outside balcony to remove the existing window. We found the glass to be 4mm float- incredibly dangerous for something that height, and size.  Taking the original glass out required delicate care to safely remove.

Bronze aluminium sliding door

Finished Product

Most of the pictures of work lately has been in timber. we do lots of aluminium as well, so here is a photo of a sliding door in bronze anodise with 007 diamond grille security screen. 4mm toughened glass.  All assembled and tested within our jig to ensure the frame is square, and everything locks and operates perfectly.  this particular door is 2095 x 1810 – fairly close to a standard sized door frame.

Bronze anodise sliding door with 007 diamond grille security door. 2095 high x 1810 wide

Bronze anodise sliding door with 007 diamond grille security door. 2095 high x 1810 wide

Aluminium sliding patio door with fly door

Finished Product

This is a finished sliding door, with a flydoor.

Powdercoat is IRONSTONE, and you can see it is sitting within our steel jig to ensure the door is square and works perfectly before being taken by our client.

IRONSTONE powdercoat aluminium sliding door, with flydoor and clear 6.38 laminate safety glass.

IRONSTONE powdercoat aluminium sliding door, with flydoor and clear 6.38 laminate safety glass.