Square Bay Window removal and install

Finished Product, Work in progress

This is the original window. from afar, it looks OK. however it had been bogged up with putty and car bog to fill in some rot in various joins. the glass is 3mm float. A variety of different timbers were in this old frame; pine, cedar, meranti, and a bit of oak.

glass panels are removed, and in this instance we worked by removing the small side first, adding the new window and then removing the longer side.

The Head of the window was nailed to the overhead beam which had been capped in metal. Great care had to be taken at this stage.

New little window has been placed temporary, whilst the head of the larger window frame is now being moved.

New Window frames now placed in. The Client had painted them prior to us installing/glazing. Glass is a much thicker/safer 6.38 laminate glass.

End result. The client just needs to paint the extra timber panels on corner and top and it will blend in. This install was done in 1 day, with a 2nd day to just add an extra piece of timber on the inside to cover the gap between gyprock and window frame.

Bay Window install

Finished Product, Uncategorized, Work in progress

Yesterday myself, Tom and Andrew installed this bay window (and another double window which ill add photos later).  The original window was rotting away and falling apart.  White cathedral glass on top colonial sashes, clear laminate on bottom panels. Sides are fixed/dummy sashes with the middle panel able to be lifted up (screens not in photo but sit on outside.)

Cedar bay window

12 lite colonial fixed lite window

Work in progress

I (hi! im Peter, the production manager) -took this photo of Tom (who has been installing and making windows longer than I have been alive). He is making the glazing bead on each pane of glass.  Tom has more experience up his sleeve than I could ever hope for and is a valuable asset to our team, and frankly, a surrogate uncle to me.

Arched Doorframe with colonial bars

Finished Product

We have just finished this beautiful doorframe.

It has an arched head, awning (wind out) sashes in the side lites with colonial bars.

Double doors, rebated with colonial bars.   Hardwood sill.

Inside view of a cedar doorframe.

Inside view of a cedar doorframe.

Outside view of cedar doorframe

Outside view of cedar doorframe

Timber Awning windows with colonial bars

Finished Product

We recently installed 3 windows with colonial bars. All upstairs. 2 were awnings (they can be opened with a chain winder) and one was a fixed lite with a dummy sash (so fixed in a closed position).

here are 2 photos 1 inside 1 out.  Painting to be done now its installed.

Inside view of awning window

Inside view of awning window

timber colonial awnings x 2