Arched timber windows

Finished Product

Here are some photos of some arched windows we recently made.  Lots of labour in these, but the end result is a work of art.

arched cedar window. made to size by template.

arched cedar window with center awning sash with white trans laminate glass.


Arched Doorframe with colonial bars

Finished Product

We have just finished this beautiful doorframe.

It has an arched head, awning (wind out) sashes in the side lites with colonial bars.

Double doors, rebated with colonial bars.   Hardwood sill.

Inside view of a cedar doorframe.

Inside view of a cedar doorframe.

Outside view of cedar doorframe

Outside view of cedar doorframe

Arched commercial aluminium window and sliding door

Finished Product

This job was very technical and potentially dangerous.

2nd floor timber window which was floor to ceiling height was rotten.


Original Window. Rotten frames with 4mm float glass which is incredibly unsafe for the location and size of the glass panels. Not sure when it was made, but very illegal by today’s standards.


New clear anodise commercial frame with 6.38 clear comfort plus glass. Arched commercial frame with sliding door. The timber facade was for the owner to replace with a new metal flashing.


Inside view of the new window / door combination. The balcony is now usable whereas before as just a window it was merely decoration. Glazed with clear comfort plus Low-E glass.


We had to erect scaffolding on the outside balcony to remove the existing window. We found the glass to be 4mm float- incredibly dangerous for something that height, and size.  Taking the original glass out required delicate care to safely remove.

Arched door and 4 panel timber bifold

Finished Product
4 panel WRC bifold door + arched front door.

4 panel WRC bifold door + arched front door.

I glazed this job on the weekend so it is now finished.

Arched front door with white transluscent glass.

4 panel bifold door. 1 active door opening left, the other 3 panels folding to the right.

bottom track recessed into the ground/cement for no